Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Mid-coast Maine's solution to your advertising needs.

Total service including Planning, Creative Scripting, Filming and Production.
State of the art equipment.
High Definition 1080p video production.
Experienced working with high end clients and studios.
HD Video Advertising
Video Web Advertising
GIF Web Advertising
Music Video
Product Demo
Training Video
Virtual Tour
TV and Film Production
Social Media Content and Management

Scripting and Creative Services
Shoot Maine Studios will meet with you and help you plan the most effective ad and scripting to best show off your project.

Studio Shooting
Shoot Maine Studios will shoot your project at your place of business or a studio of your choice using 1, 2 and 3 camera setup.

Location Shooting
Shoot Maine Studios will shoot your project on location.

Post Production
Shoot Maine Studios will produce your ad or video production so you can show it to the world.

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